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The Day Has Come: Black Friday.

You’ve reached your store and gotten in line just late enough to ensure that you’ll get what your hunting for (no further than 30th in line.) Good. Go ahead and set up your chairs and whatever else you’ve brought along. You were smart and checked the weather, so if there is a chance that it is going to rain you know that you need to set up your tent.

Don’t be anti-social. Especially if you’re alone, it is very important to make friends with the people directly in front of and behind you. Invariably there will be some point in the next several hours that you are going to need to step out of line, it’s a lot easier to ask someone to hold your spot if you’ve already been chatting it up with them.

Luckily you have plenty to talk about. How was there Thanksgiving? Where are they from? What are they looking to snag? This last thing can cause a little tension if you are far back in line and looking for the same item, especially if it is the person behind you.

Make sure that the person understands the favor will be reciprocated if they hold your place in line. And it doesn’t hurt to offer to grab them something when you go to get food.

Don’t fool around while you’re gone out of line, being gone for extended amounts of time can make you lose your spot in line and people are generally less inclined to help you out. After all, they’ve spent their time being bored and freezing there buts off. You should have to do the same if you have a spot right next to them.

If you are at an electronics store, then about 2 hours before opening the store employees will start handing out vouchers for the “door buster” items. Things such as laptops, HDTVs, and the like, which are limited and in high demand. To get what you’re looking for you need to make sure you’re close enough to the front of the line.

Some people wait in line just to get these vouchers and then try to resell them. If you see this happening, definitely don’t buy the voucher. If the employees realize what is going on they will take the voucher from you and give it to someone closer to the front of the line. You’ll be out money and have no voucher. The best course of action is to rat the guy out. Honestly, if you don’t then someone else will.