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After Black Friday. What Next?

Awesome, you got that sweet laptop you stood in line for 10 hours for. You probably want to go to sleep for the rest of the day at this point, but try to hold off. While you were in line you probably found some great deals at other stores. Go check those out, and be sure to talk to people next to you in line about any deals they’ve scoped out at other stores.

If you don’t need to immediately start using your laptop you may want to hold off on opening it up. Following Black Friday is Cyber Monday, what amounts to the internet’s Black Friday. It is possible that there will be a better deal on a laptop then, but those deals are sealed much more tightly than the Black Friday deals.

If you open your laptop up now you’ll have to pay a reshelving fee of up to 15% if you find a better deal and want to return it. I’ve found that this usually doesn’t happen, and some people probably feel that they’ve already spent enough time getting the laptop and they just want to enjoy it. From my experience, Cyber Monday is best for computer accessories.

It could be that you only want to get the laptop on Black Friday and wait until Cyber Monday to get a case, mouse, ect…