Equipment for the Dressage Horse

Dressage saddle

The Saddle

A dressage saddle is specially designed for the closest contact between the horse and the riderís leg. It has an intentionally deep seat, allowing the rider to sit deeply for more precise cuings to the horse. Ideally, the saddle should fit the rider as well as the horse and should distribute the riderís weight evenly.

Horse with bridle, braided mane

This dressage horse wears its bridle and has a neatly braided mane.

The Bridle

The bridle consists of the straps securing it onto a horse's head and the reins that essentially connect the rider's hands to the horseís mouth through the bit.

Snaffle bit

Many types of bits exist, although most riders use a snaffle bit, which has a joint in the middle.

Grooming Supplies

In competition, a dressage horse should be well groomed, with oiled hoofs. The mane should be braided, and the tail should be partially braided.

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