Types Of Washing Machines

There are many choices when considering a new washing machine. First would be brand: GE, LG, and Samsung are all top-name companies that make various washing machines. The second option would be the load-in style. There's front-loading (like found in your local laundromat) or top-loading. Lastly, you must consider how much you're willing to spend. Washing machines can vary in price from $300 to $1,400 for Samsung's unique silver cleaning technology machine.

Types Of Detergents

So now that you've got yourself a new washing machine, it's time to pick out what will be doing most of the dirty work - the detergent. According to About.com, "Detergents were developed in response to the shortage of the animal and vegetable fats used to make soap during World War I and World War II." Since then, numerous companies like Tide, Gain, and Cheer have made products that preserve the darks (or whites) of your clothes, and make them smell like anything from lavendar to the spring breeze. Aside from the purpose and scent of your detergent, you also have the choice of liquid or powdered. Ah, the choices!