Determining Dirty Clothes

There are two basic ways of determining if your clothes are due a wash: the period since the last wash, and if your clothes have any visable stains (or smells!). The reasonable amount of time between washes would be about 2 weeks, so that washing would be done every other week. I would say going on a month would definitely be pushing it. It's a smart suggestion to take care of stains as soon as they're acquired, but if you must wait until your next wash, I would say push the wash-date to a closer date.

Sorting Dirty Clothes

Before conducting any soap and water experiments, it's best to separate the clothes based on colors and fabrics. The obvious division of colors would be darks, colors, and whites. But if you perfer to cut down your wash-time, you can mix the colors with the darks... but beware the consequences! Never, in any circumstances, mix your whites with anything other than whites. Your white shirt turning pink from being mixed with a red sock is not an urban legend! Fabrics can be sorted by cotton, jeans, and silks. This sorting process could be avoided, but if you want your clothes to look its best and retain its new look and feel, it would be best to apply this division.