Types Of Fabric Softener Sheets

Fabric softener sheets - while not entirely important - do add on to the freshness of your laundry. Their purpose is to repel lint, soften fabrics, and to provide a fresh scent. Three companies in particular provide this product: Bounce, Downy, and Snuggle. Luckily, each makes a large selection of scents for the particular nose; so if "Outdoor Fresh" sounds like your pleasure, Bounce has you covered. On the other end, if fabric softener sheets don't make the cut for you, Doityourself.com has 10 creative uses for them!

Types Of Dryers

Maytag, LG, GE, and Frigidaire are just some of the many companies that sell clothes dryers. This appliance has a price range that varies from $300 to $700 so there are some things to look into before purchasing one. Consider gas or electric (gas saves some money on your electric bill, but a gas line will need to be installed), full-size or compact, and if the manufacturer offers a warranty.