So let's get started!

Ok, for starters, you have to know a little about your computer before we can start. These instructions are for those Windows people, so if you're trying to do this on a Mac, you may want to go to for Mac to see what the differences are.

Here are your system requirements (if this all looks like a foreign language to you, then you may not be ready for this):

Now what?

There are two ways you can broadcast: Uploading your music to play automatically or broadcasting live from your desktop. On this site we're only going to cover the uploading option. To get a brief description of both go to Live365-Live With either option, you need to make sure that all the music you want to use is in .mp3 format. Chances are that it already is, but you're going to want to check and make sure.

Open the folder that has your music in it, such as My Music. We suggest that you put all the songs you want to use in a separate folder within your My Music folder and name it something like Upload to Live365 or something that you'll remember. Once you have those songs in the folder, it may look something like this:

Music Folder 1

This obviously doesn't tell you if they are .mp3's or not, so you'll need to change the view. You actually have 2 options here.

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