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Before you begin

Their are a few things you should know before you begin or decide to make a change.

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→ The FIRST step:

This first step of this process is changing yourself. By being positive on how you view problems as well as your own ability. Life's problems can appear to be overwhelming when you reflect on them as a whole. It is not uncommon for you to question your ability and whether or not you can even make an impact. The best way to motivate your thoughts and over come that way of thinking is to remember the candle in a dark room. The dark room is a metaphor for the problems and the candle is a ray of hope. If you walk into a dark room and light a candle...the room is lighter than it was before. Over time many others will follow and pretty soon all the darkness in the room will be diminished. Helping others and making a change in the world today works the same way.

→ The SECOND step:

The second step is to spend time getting to know what others have done before you. The great heroic figures of our time as well as locals in your community which you can find in church papers and local newspapers. This will give you a better understanding of the fact that everyone has the potential to make a change. If you feel discouraged... don't forget that one person can change the world! Remember heroic figures such as Mahatama Gandhi, who brought independence to India through his non-violent resistance movement. Martin Luther King and his fight in America against discrimination, and the most important figure of inspiration is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was the perfect example of how one person and their dream to make a difference in the world can touch the lives of millions.

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