Crahing Season: Short School Days and Leisure Time is Summer B


Summer B is like Christmas to crashers or wedding season to wedding crahers. It is the three month span, right before the start of Fall Rush-usually the most popular rushes of the two, where fraternities are more lax on their no "strange" guy rules in an attempt to spark inrterest among frresmen who wish to pledge a fraternity in August. It runs on the basis of give a little to get a lot.

Summer B is the Season Because...

  1. Summer B is full mostly of freshmen, some of which are looking for a place to hang out and a new friend base for the next four years. Why not a fraternity?
  2. Summer B class days are usually short and not as time-consuming as they are during the fall or spring, which gives students more leisure time to go out and have fun.
  3. Summer B also brings in the students who already know that they want to rush, but need a little guidance as to which fraternity best suits their likes and dislikes.
  4. Because of lack of schooling and free time fraternities throw more parties to meet new people and gain prospects for Fall Rush.