About the Author


Kathleen Rodriguez is a third year journalism major in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. She was borned and raised in Miami, although both of her parents are from Cba and originated to the states in the early 70's and late 60's. Kathleen is the oldest of two, and her younger sister, Jackie is a second year finance major at the university. Her family, as with any other Cuban family is very large, diversified, loud and usually enjoys the company of one another.

On the weekends Kathleen and her family sometimes venture to their house in Big Pine Key, FL. While on the island she enjoys boating, fishing, snorkeling the reefs, jet sking, tubing, shopping and eating seafood. On her spare time she also enjoy blogging about either her personal life or ridiculou afairs in politics or the news. Shopping is also enjoyable. Being in the company of friends and out dancing is perhap one of her favorite things to do. Traveling and being outside of her comfort zone is another thing she fancies, especially since her mother is now a flight attendant for Delta Airlines and she can take advantage of the perks.Her motto is "Try everything once, as long as it doesn't kill you", which seems to be the appropriate lifestyle for most American. The last thing she'd want to do is be lying of her grave and asking herself the "what ifs", so she lives accordingly.

In the future she plans to combine her love of travel, writing and her fancy for being outide of her comfort zone in her comfort zone on her occupation. She palns to move to Africa and become a frrelance journalist, repoorting on the world issue in such an impoversihed nation. Her ideal is to change the world as Martin Luther King Jr did, with her words and further expose Americans to the realities that lie past their suburban bubbles. Her stories she plasn to develop s Web site for and publish them online, the stories she does not sell.In a decade or so if you're ever in Africa ona safari of some sort, look for the little Cuban girl among the tribes.