The Companions: Pretty Girls in Numbers

good entourage

It'always easiest to be welcomed into the house if you come with pretty girls in numbers, especially those that appeal to the tastes of the brothers of the house that your crashing for the night.The best girls to bring are those that know someone in thr fraternity already, since they are already welcomed there. Remember that certain fraternities have specific tastes, places like AePi tend to enjoy the more Jewish girls, while houses like Sig Ep, tend to like the more South-Florida type girls, and others really do not have a particular preference, as long as the girl is attractive. The girls should be at least "8s" on a scale frogm 1-10, if you're unsure of what an "8" is think of Cameron Diaz in Charles Angels. If you are still unsure then consult a friend. Bringing pretty girls also gives off the impression that not only do you know girls, but you are somewhat exceled in the art of courting. Thus, bring "8s" and above in numbeers.

There are certain girl you should really just not bring. Do not bring your girlfriend or sister, especially if ypu're the jealous type. Do not bring girls that have had a recent rocky patch with one of the brothers, the situation is still unsettled and she doesn't know anyone else in the house. Chances are in that respect, she may be using you to get back at him. Do not bring your friend's girlfriends either, less you want an issue with your friend, if he's not okay with her being there. Do not bring girls that can't hold their liquor or tend to cry when drunk.Do not bring girls that can lead to drama. Do not bring any girls below "5". Thus, these girls are a reflection of you, so think of how you wish to be represented.

Upon leaving, make sure you leave with who you came with. If a brother insists that you leave her there, do not do so unless she gives a sober consent. Take care of your friends. Noone wants a sloppy or diminishing entourage. Foremost, remember that these girls are more than likely your friends and their safety comes before the fraternity. If one wants to leave and has reasonable cause, do so. In otherwords, "Never leave a fellow crasher behind" (Wedding Crashers).