How to Dress the Part


The Frat Look

Southern fraternities, such as SAE, Kappa Sig, KA, ATO, some Delts,some Theta Chis, some Betas etc. dress in this manner.

  1. Polo shirt tucked in.
  2. Long sleeve buttoned-down shirt with a tie
  3. Khaki Pants
  4. Cargo shorts (SAE does not wear cargo shorts).
  5. Topsiders (Boat shoes or docksliders).
  6. Sandals(Preferably Rainbows, if not then Reefs)
  7. Tennis Shoes(New Balance or Asics) but wear sparingly
  8. Boots for winter
  9. Belt with shorts
  10. Croakies
  11. Sunglasses, which MUST always be worn when in contact with sunlight.
  12. Clothes should come in pastel colors when reasonable (Coordination!) Pink and light blue are the most frattiest colors.

The South Florida Look


Other fraternities, such as Sig Ep, Phi Delt, ZBT and some Tekes opt for this look.

  1. Graphic tees, mostly Ed Hardy by Christian Audiger...If you can't afford such, try Express graphic tees , and these shirts are meant to have a fitted look.
  2. Dark denim jeans
  3. Express zip-ups if it is cold out.
  4. Converse
  5. Some will wear Nikes
  6. Polos and button downs, but NOT in pastel colors.
  7. Casual blazer
  8. Ed Hardy hat
  9. Muscle Tees

Casual Look

Some fratenities, such as AePhi will opt more a more casual dress.

  1. Polo in any color untucked.
  2. Jeans
  3. Untucked button down shirt, with a shirt under at times.
  4. Tennis or dress shoes.

Theme Parties

Sometimes fraternities may host theme parties, and the style of dress can range anywhere from a toga to just a hat. For ocasions like this it is best to stand out fashionably. Funny costumes will usually call the brothers' attention to you.