Meet the Brothers

Alpha Epsilon Pi (AePi)

Alpha Epsilon Pi (AePi) is among one of the most Jewish fraternity, which was established at the University of Florida in 1951. AePi is a brotherhood of intelligent-having the highest GPA among other fraternities, determined and athletic men. They are highly competitive in school and in sports. The brothers are also highly active in Lubavitch-Chabbad Jewish Student and Community Center at the University, and attend dinner regularly. AePi is closely associated with the lovely ladies of Alpha Epsilon Phi (AePhi). Generally they are all around nice guys and pleasant company. Their social calendars are mostly dominated with house parties filled with beer, liquor and hunch punch. However, from an outsider's point of view they tend to tick close to their already established circles with AePhi- cliquey, yet that does not mean that they do not welcome newcomers. The brothers of AePi can be described as similar to the characters of "The Office" where the member of the staff are very different from one another in personalities, some are awkward as Dwight and Michael, but mean well, some are sarcastic, as is Jim and they tend to have their love pairings as with Jim and Pam.

Alpha Gamma Rho(AGR)

Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) is unique among fraternities because it a brotherhood founded on a professional trade, agriculture-ironic when considering its nickname (AGR). In 1924 then agriculture majors came together and agreed that they needed to form a fraternity based on agriculture, in an effort unite their kind together, provide better networking opportunities for members increase knowledge of the field and enhance their interests in the profession. Past college members pursue the virtues and values of the fraternity in the field of agriculture. Today their alumni are among the most important in the agriculture industry, including the Commissioner of Agriculture, Tom Adams III. AGRs purpose is to make more responsible, thoughtful, resourceful and strong men-both mentally, physically and socially, in the agricultural field. AGR alongside agriculture does enjoy a social life, reminiscent of their career choice and much like the very southern and agricultural parts of the states. On hot summer days, the boys of AGR can be at times found lounging in their make-shift tin outdoor pool, drinking a beer and blasting country music from the speakers in the back of their trucks. Although, not as socially visible as the aforementioned, AGR does enjoy its occasional nights, lounging in places such as :08 Seconds. For those outside of the agricultural sector AGR can seem secluded in their domains, apart from the main sector of Greek Life and eclectic.

Alpha Tau Omega(ATO)

Alpha Tau Omega(ATO) is among the sect of southern fraternities at the University of Florida and was established in 1884. Every year ATO hosts the annual Volcano crush party at the house, in which they turn their backyard into an island paradise, complete with sand, palm leafs and a volcano, of course, at the center. In the past ATO has faced issues with hazing violations, but they are striving to reach beyond that. The brothers of ATO are drinkers of the finest liquors of the south, and like the sect enjoy the bars of Midtown. Their girls, like them, are Southern Belles. From on outsiders perspective, the boys of ATO are very southern indeed, which can seem out of place to people, especially those of South Florida that are not used to such, but they are indeed gentlemen that can be easy on the eyes if thatís your taste.

Beta Theta Pi (Beta)


Beta Theta Pi (Beta) is among the group of the nicest and most chivalrous men on campus, and their brotherhood was established at the University of Florida in 1930. Personalities are mixed, as are their religious affiliations and backgrounds, with people being from all parts of the United States on both the west and east coast. Betas can be found in the gym, representing their brotherhood in all types of competitive sports and drinking or dancing at the bars and clubs of Midtown. The brotherhood consists of the more pleasant versions of the jocks and nerds. From an outsider's perspective Beta is among the nicest guys, though at times not as entertaining in the partying aspect and can be stingy with alcohol, if they are not well acquainted with the person that's asking. Beta can be described as the cast of "Saved by the Bell", with a few of the stereotypes that stand out in a certain manner, a variety of personalities as that that made up the cast, drugs not really so popular as in "Saved by the Bell", where caffeine pills were the biggest headache. The girls of "Saved by the Bell" were also very different, as are the girls that are associated with Beta, though most of them are a lot like Kelly Kapouski.

Chi Phi

Chi Phi is a brotherhood that was built from three independent fraternities, that each bore the name Chi Phi some way originally in 1884, and in 1935 it was established at the University. Riding on the vendetta of the tri, Chi Phi is based on three principles Truth, Honor and Personal Integrity. The boys of Chi Phi are not strangers to a social life and enjoy the likes of Midtown bars and clubs. The house features a recreational room, ideal for drinking games or watching television on the giant projector and adjoined to that is a bar. To an outsider some members may seem reserved and entertaining in their own fashion, but are good guys.

Delta Chi

It is a brotherhood that was founded originally as a law fraternity, and then 1929 continued the anti-hazing vendettas by officially abolishing "hell week"-final week of pledging prior to initiation where hazing is the most extreme, Delta Chi is rooted as one of its founders put it best one the basis that "One man is no man". The fraternity consists of men that are determined in their studies and wish to make their fore fathers proud in the success. The brotherhood consists of men from different parts of Florida and other states. These gentlemen are courteous, enjoy good times of drink with friends and treasure their alumni. From outsiders view, these boys are well-rounded men, united in their brotherhood.

Delta Tau Delta (Delt)

Delta Tau Delta (Delt) is among a set of gentlemen, with varying degrees of personalities, mostly from Jacksonville and South Florida, which called the university home over 80 years ago, in 1925. Delts are known for their kindness and their entertaining "Wine Wednesdays" in the Attic of the house. "Wine Wednesday" is a night of wine-of course, mixed liquor, beer, card games and beer pong. The boys can mostly be found amidst the crowds of Midtown.

Delta Upsilon

Delta Upsilon (DU) came in 1957, as a birth of a brotherhood that was set on promoting above all scholastic achievement and second most carving away the negativities that are associated with Greek life: non-secret, non-hazing and non-sectarian, which had initially been the university's negative beliefs in the 1950's.DU continues to live up to those traditions adding sport and philanthropies to the agenda as well. Socially the group enjoys bonding with the brothers and a night out in the bars, when they're not studying. To outsiders their intellectual devotion shines more than any other qualities.

Kappa Alpha (KA)

Kappa Alpha (KA) is a brotherhood, whose cannon outside and inside and bear heads in some bedrooms are a reminder of the old south. KAs come from all parts of Florida, particularly the most southern areas. They are indeed gentlemen, but don't let that dismiss the fact that a bottle of whiskey and the bars is always a good time. The boys are true to their southern traditions, including outdoor recreations. They excel in sports and academics. kA is highly respected in among southern fraternities. To outsiders, however, it is apparent that they can be selective in who they socialize with, mostly those of their kin, old ways may be intimidating and to the Jewish community, a feeling of disdain on KA's behalf is felt by some. Yet they are true southern gentlemen.

Kappa Sigma(Kappa Sig)

Placing first in Delta Zeta "Shot Put" and hosting band parties at the house, Kappa Sigma (Kappa Sig). Kappa Sigma is another member of the southern sector of fraternities. Kappa Sigma strives to make great men through Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. As their motto says, "Many have tried. Few have conqueredĒ. The boys enjoy the usual outdoor sports, drinking whiskey with the brothers and their Southern Belles, and listening to music playing. From an onlooker they are quite the gentlemen with the southern flair, which is appropriate if that is your flavor.

Lambda Chi Alpha (Lambda Chi)

Lambda Chi Alpha (Lambda Chi) is a brotherhood of diverse individuals that was among the first fraternity to end the stringent of pledging. Since then the Lambda Chi fights against alcoholism, hazing and other hazards in a college student's life. Their house boasts a full bar in the common recreational area, which is ideal for parties and pre-games. The brothers are gentlemen and enjoyable company. To an outsider the boys of Lambda Chi are among one of the nicest and have quite the bartending skills.

Phi Delta Theta(Phi Delt)

Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt) is a brotherhood built on individualism, friendship and the brothers that was established at the University of Florida in 1925. In its alumni are many greats including the founder of Burger King-John McLamore, presidents-Benjamin Harrison, first man to walk on the moon- Neil Armstrong, actors-Burt Reynolds, etc. The brothers are mostly from Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida, and other parts of the country. Through college and its criterion it encourages self-confidence and trust in each memberís abilities. Phi Delts excel in academics, sports and in their social circles. They are always entertaining to party with. Yet like other fraternities, they hold most of their parties outside of the main house, opting instead for their off-campus fraternity houses. They too boast that South Florida attitude, with a Fort Lauderdale feel to it. A typical night for the boys is a pre-game of hunch punch and liquor at one of their off-campus houses, either Fort (Sorority Row) or Brick House (Midtown area), then the clubs of downtown, particularly Studio and Bank. Phi Delts associate with the top-tier sororities of pretty girls. To those not in the circle and not from the same hometowns, Phi Delts may seem arrogant and selective in the choice of social circles.

Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)

A fraternity rooted in secrecy to the extent that their letters are never really worn in public, is the principles of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) that was established at the university in 1940. There letters are only displayed in front of the house, on class rings, member badges and the flag. The boys of FIJI are gentlemen and pleasant to new comers. They enjoy the usual outings. However, as onlookers will tell you they are a reserved and eclectic bunch.

Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Kappa Tau)

In the early 1920's a group of friends living together in a boarding house, decided to form a fraternity and asked their mathematics professor to head the organization. He agreed so, but encouraged the men to seek a charter with Phi Kappa Tau, which they did and thus Phi Tau. was founded in 1925. Phi Tau is a brotherhood of varying personalities from all sorts of ethnicities, of which some have reserved the at-home beach feel, which is resembled in one of the rooms. Socially the boys are welcome newcomers with hellos, an interest in their personal lives and mixed shots of liquor. The boys are gentlemen, who enjoy the whims of Midtown and Downtown. From an outsiders perspective the boys are chivalrous, can be shy, a few, but quite entertaining.

Pi Lambda Theta (Pi Lam)

Pi Lambda Phi (Pi Lam) was established at the University of Florida in 1925.It is a group of men, mostly out-of-state ranging from Alabama to Pennsylvania and some from Central Florida, all of which come from different backgrounds. There really arenít any southern boys, and religion has never been a uniting factor. Every year they play in the annual Nose bowl, which is a flag football game between the pledges of Pi Lam and those of Tau Epsilon Pi (TEP). On the field, as fans, brothers and alumni watch in anticipation, the new Pi Lams gather and despite name calling and taunts from the TEPS, they play a fair game. On the field the pledges act as gentlemen who avoid confrontation and always hand the flags back. Nose bowl teaches the pledges the values of Pi Lam. Outsiders describe the fraternity as eclectic and all around a nice set of gentlemen. In brief Pi Lam has been described by one member, to be similar to "Seinfeld", as a "show about nothing", in which you can't really pin any specific characteristic to members or generalize them. They're just a group of guys that hang out, try to abide by certain values and just have fun, and every once in a while the simplicities of life seem to be the most entertaining, in this case fraternity-related incidents.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) is the "original fraternity of the deep south", and was the first fraternity established at the University of Florida in 1884. The brotherhood consists of gentlemen mostly from the most "southern" parts of Florida including the Panhandle and some from Central Florida, and a few from other southern states. The boys of SAE are rooted and very secretive in their traditions, have one of the most secretive mottos among other fraternities. A night out for the boys consists of heavy drinking at the house, and then making an appearance at the bars of Midtown, preferably Salty Dog. True to their nature, SAE annually hosts their Cajun Cook-out-a philanthropy benefiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and features a variety of southern foods. From an outsiders perspective the boys of SAE are true gentlemen and their likes and dislikes are a reminder of what is good about the deep south.

Sigma Chi

The Jordan Standard and the Sigma Chi Creed are the two standards of which determine whether or not a man, based on character, is fit to wear the Greek letters of Sigma Chi. The boy of Sigma Chi have "different temperaments, talents and convictions", but are united as one through brotherhood. They are southern in nature, enjoying the vast recreational room that their house has to offer, which hosts a bar and a beer bucket. The place is ideal for band parties, which they have hosted and other social events. The boys are energetic and entertaining, having had hosted a food fight with Kappa Delta during Homecoming Week. To outsiders, initially the boys are shy, but approachable.

Sigma Pi Epsilon (Sig Ep)

Sigma Pi Epsilon (Sig Ep) is among the most entertaining groups of brothers on campus, and their fraternity was established in 1925. Sig Eps come from most South Florida, some from central and few other from different states in the country. Sig Eps excel in sports, music, academics and in the Greek community. Their social calendars consist of many nights out either in the bars of Midtown or in the clubs of downtown. A Thursday night out with the brothers, consists of a pre-game lined with mixed-alcoholic shots in many rooms, mostly the downstairs rooms, loud music, girls dancing, boys bartending and if the night is cold a bonfire afterwards, and if not then usually a late night, which is a gathering of a good amount of people that the night just wasn't enough for and still are in the mood for fun. The boys are quite social and resemble the Miami-club lifestyle very well. From outsiderís point of view, the boys at times may seem arrogant and selective in the girl they hang out with, but that doesn't diminish their reputation of a good time. The boys of Sig Ep, are a lot like the boys of the HBO show "Entourage" that live the high life, end up with pretty girls and at times can seem reckless in their endeavors, but are always out for a good time because after all life is short and sweet and nothing lasts forever.

Sigma Nu

An snake that feeds on academics, involvement and honor is the brotherhood of Sigma Nu. Sigma Nu was established at the University of Florida in 1920, and continues to offer among the cheapest dues and most affordable housing, which makes Greek life a thesible reality in terms of finance. It too was founded on the principle of non-hazing, as well as "Love, honor and truthĒ. The brothers of Sigma Nu are gentlemen that enjoy recreation and can often be seen playing beach volleyball on their court on the side of their house. Like all fraternities they enjoy a night of drinking with the boys and select girls. Some may perceive the brothers to be eclectic and sensible within their realms, but they are nice people.

Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teke)


Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teke) is a brotherhood of varying personalities from all parts of Florida, particularly South and Central Florida that was founded in 1950 at the University of Florida. Some boys have that southern sweetness, while other tends to have that South Florida attitude, and the rest are either a mix or neither. Tekes excel in ports, particularly basketball, where they placed first place overall in intramural sports for fraternities in that particular field. A night of drinking with the boys, meeting girls and their love for the Gators is common fancy among the boys of Teke. Tekes are the kinds of boys that always welcome newcomers with open arms. From an outsiderís perspective, Tekes are always pleasant gentlemen who are fun to relax with and enjoyable to play their inventive drinking games with.

Theta Chi

Theta Chi is a fraternity of gentlemen from all parts of Florida and a few from other states, and their fraternity was established at the university in 1916. For the brothers of Theta Chi, brotherhood is the most important aspect of their fraternity. The boys participate in intramural sports: flag football, indoor volleyball and soccer track meet. The boys vary in interests and personalities, however, agree on that drinking is always a good time and the bars of Midtown, particularly Balls and Swamp, is where they enjoy spending their time. A "Wet Wednesday" at Theta Chi, consists of a variety of liquor to either mix with chasers or take shots with, music, and a variety of people to talk to, which is followed by a night in Midtown either at Grog or XS. To an outsider, Theta Chi is among the nicest and most entertaining fraternities that welcome everyone and will always take care of those that drank too much. Theta Chi is a lot like the cast of NBC's "Friends" a group of people with varying degrees of personalities from mild and serious to corky to obsessive compulsive to an all-around "funny guy", who care and love each other, and will be there for one another in the most ridiculous of circumstances.

Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT)

Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) is a mostly Jewish fraternity, which was established at the University of Florida in 1921. ZBT consists of members from various backgrounds that are mostly from South Florida and New York. The brothers are generally laid back and intelligent, yet they still enjoy the occasional party or club. ZBT is the house, from an outsiderís point of view, that is best to have a relaxing night with in which you engage in watching Entourage and Californiacation, where you can enjoy the light-headed results from puffing the flavored tobacco in a hookah or enjoy other means that create an "elevated state of mind". ZBT is the one of the brotherhoods, where a means of self-discovery in an elevated state of mind are always welcomed and should be experienced within reason. On weekends the house is filled with pre-game festivities of drinking, mostly beer-related games, followed by downtown. ZBT, is described by one member, as much like Fox's "That 70's Show", where a different types of people gather and are united by friendship to enjoy each others companies in "the circle" as they submerge themselves in mind-alternating trances Life isn't taken o serious, only when it counts and matters.

Policies on "Strangers"

Most fraternities are not really open to outsiders on the basis that for one strangers can make just about anyone feel uncomfortable and for two in a house of so many men, why do need one more to compete for their game? In this case it is important to consider to Guest Policies of these houses, if you wish to gain entrance.

  1. Almost all houses on open events welcome the friends of the brothers.
  2. During summer because of potential prospects for rush, most houses welcome guests, but they must come with ladies.
  3. At a certain point of the night some houses may require that guest contribute money to go buy more alcohol, while others may ask for a contribution up front.
  4. Some houses, particularly SAE, are open to newcomers if they are highly social and entertaining, but these new faces are encouraged to bring a bottle of alcohol for the party or contribute money for alcohol funds.
  5. Brothers reserve the right to choose who comes in and who does not, as well as who has to leave.