Proper Etiquette: How to Act the Part and Not Get Tossed

How to Act the Part(Do's)

  1. Make sure you know the name of the house and the personalities of the brothers before the big night.
  2. Upon entering the house, allow your female companions, especially the ones who know someone inside the house to walk before you. Do not appear pompous or arrogant, just confident. Greet whoever is at the door.
  3. If you come bearing gifts-liquor, as is the guest policy of some houses-SAE, make sure that the brothers receive the bottle.
  4. Initially follow the ladies around the house.
  5. Be weary of your greetings. Either allow the brothers to approach you, but if one makes eye contact say "Hello"
  6. Be social and interesting, but NOT overwhelming.
  7. Ask about the fraternity, to show interest in possibly rushing in the Fall (Even if it's a hoax).
  8. Talk with as many brothers as is reasonable.
  9. If there is music, dance according to the dance styles of that genre ONLY.
  10. Drink responsibly, do not loose control, and if you must, act drunker than you really are to fit in with the drunken scene, but still maintain posture.
  11. Excel in drinking games reasonably, but do not put others down or have a victory chant if you win.
  12. Stand out in a positive way.
  13. Walk around with confidence and purpose.
  14. If a brother needs a favor and you can provide, do so, but do it with caution and not in excess because no one likes a pushover.
  15. Watch what girls are with which guys, and be careful of who you talk to.
  16. Upon leaving if the time is appropriate ask about upcoming events.
  17. Make an exit to be remembered in a positive manner.

How to Get Tossed (Don'ts)

  1. Do not think of the bottle that you brought with you as your own. In otherwords, do not walk around drinking your own bottle or sit in a corner and do so. This is a party, not the recess of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and you are a guest, not Pirate of the Caribbeanís Jack Sparrow, walking around with a bottle of rum in hand.
  2. Do not bring cheap alcohol, nor expensive, bring something that is reasonable. An empty bottle of Grey Goose vodka, which is filled with ABC Vodka, is not acceptable.
  3. Do not use the excuse of "I forgot my wallet, and or I don't have any cash", if a brother asks you to contribute money to buy another keg for the party. It is after all their house and you're a guest.
  4. Do not over drink, pass out, or get sick on one of the brothers or their welcomed guests. You are not to act like Mel Gibson when he was pulled over by the cops for a DUI, and acted like a fool for the public to see. If you start feeling sick, then go home, but do not drive home.
  5. Do not talk about past criminal offenses, DUIs are not "cool", nor is dodging a cop who was going to give you one. The last thing that the brothers need is another risk.
  6. Just because the girl bats her eyes at you, or very well grabs you, do NOT make a move on a brother's girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, girl they are talking to, girl they are intimate with, their sister, or any other girl that will annoy them and get you tossed. Disregard the girl who does circles around Adriana Lima, she will only gets you in trouble and this is a fraternity, girls come and go.
  7. Do not make rude jokes. If you are in a Jewish fraternity, donít tell anti-Semitic jokes. If a fraternity has a black man, a Chinese man, a very Southern guy and or a Hispanic guy do not make racist jokes, no matter how hilarious they were in high school.
  8. Do not bring your girlfriend as a companion and if a brother hits on her, then create a scene. The girlfriend isn't the kind of person you really want there initially.
  9. Do not steal anything, even if you're clepto, if so then avoid the party because a police car may be your ride home.
  10. Do not act arrogant,stand-offish and or superior to others.
  11. Do not sit in a corner and be a people observer that is creepy.
  12. DO NOT START AN ALTRACATION WITH ONE OF THE BROTHERS, even if they instigated the fight. Handle the matter in an appropriate fashion and leave the house if you must.
  13. Do not draw attention to yourself in a negative manner.
  14. Don't overstay your welcome.

Preview soundslide that provides a visual depiction of some on proper and inproper behavior.