Reitz Union

Fun at the heart of campus

UF students have the benefit of having a student union that is full of entertainment opportunities. Not only does Reitz Union house multiple cheap eateries like Wendy’s, Subway, Starbucks and Taco Bell, but it also houses a movie cinema, bowling alley, arcade games, pool (billiard) tables and more. Located on the second floor of the Reitz Union is the movie cinema that plays popular and often recently released movies for free. Recently, movies such as "The Dark Knight" and "House Bunny" have been playing. This allows for couples to enjoy cheap date nights or friends to have a group movie night right on campus. The game room is located on the ground floor in Reitz Union and includes 16 bowling lanes, 17 pool tables, a snooker table, two foosball tables, an air hockey table and video games. This allows for students to play games on their own or go in large groups. The Reitz Union also offers leisure courses, which are courses offered to promote new skills and appreciations through classes that are offered for enjoyment and not grades. Courses offered include ceramics, music and golf. If none of this interests you, the Union is a place to go study or just relax after a hard day of classes.

How to gain access