Entertainment on a budget

Insight into science and history

Do science and history spark an interest in you? If so, head to the Florida Museum of Natural History, which has a location right next door to the Phillips Center at the Southwest edge of campus. The Florida Museum of Natural History was chartered in 1917 as the state’s official natural history museum. It has more than 20 million specimens of amphibians, birds, butterflies, fish, mammals, mollusks, reptiles, vertebrate and invertebrate fossils, recent and fossil plants and associated databases and libraries, making it the largest natural history museum in the Southeast. The museum was started in 1891 when Frank Pickel, a professor of natural science at Florida Agriculture College in Lake City, purchased research collections of minerals, fossils and human anatomy models as aids in teaching biology and agricultural sciences. It has vastly grown since then. It is not a typical museum and has many exhibits to visit. There is a GROSSOLOGY “The Impolite Science of the Human Body” exhibit that teaches the biology and anatomy of the body in an interactive way as well as a BUTTERFLY RAINFOREST exhibit. All exhibits at the museum are affordable, making it an entertainment option for college students. It’s also a more educational option for entertainment when parents come to visit.

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