Grossology Exhibit
Grossology Exhibit sign

Grossology: The Impolite Science of the Human Body

Snot, vomit, body odor and flatulence are at the core of the Grossology exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History. You could think this would be downright disgusting; however, it serves as a way to teach about the human body and its functions. Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body is an exhibit based on the best-selling book “Grossology” by Sylvia Branzei and teaches about topics not found in a typical science textbook. It is a completely interactive exhibit with activities such as a giant nose to walk through, a pinball game named “Gas Attack”, a burp machine that demonstrates acid indigestion buildup and lets out loud belches, and a slide that is modeled after the gastrointestinal track. These aren't topics typically discussed at the dinner table, but they help to understand how the body works the way it does. The exhibit is targeted toward families, making it an option for students to go when family members come to visit, particularly younger brothers and sisters. The exhibit, which has been wildly popular in various other places across the nation, will be available at the Florida Museum of Natural History, located at the Southwest edge of the UF campus, until January 11, 2009. The price for University of Florida students is $6. The exhibit can be visited spontaneously because no early ticket purchase is necessary. Just show up and enjoy!