Entertainment on a budget

The University of Florida: Education and Entertainment

The University of Florida is a major, comprehensive, land-grant, research university and is among the nationís most academically diverse public universities. Being Floridaís oldest and largest university, UF enrolls approximately 50,000 students annually and is home to 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes. Florida has a long history of established programs in international education, research and service. The 2005 UF class had an average GPA of a 4.06 and an average SAT score of 1306. UF ranked 17th in the U.S. News and World Report "Top Public Universities" in 2007, 4th in The Scientist magazine's "Best Places to Work in Academia" in 2005 and 5th among all universities in Kiplinger's magazine "Top 100 Public Colleges" in 2003. UF has been a member of the Association of American Universities, a prestigious higher-education organization comprised of the top 62 public and private institutions in North America, since 1985.

UF doesnít only have reputable academics, though. Itís amount of opportunities for entertainment are right up there as well. From the Phillips Center for Performing Arts and the Florida Museum of Natural History on the South side of campus, to events at the Reitz Union and celebrity speakers performing on campus, there are numerous opportunities for students who want to have fun on a budget. Many students either do not know at all of the many economically friendly opportunities they have, or they do not discover these opportunities until late into their college career. My name is Kasey Roberts, and I created this Web site to help this problem, serving as a guide for how to be entertained on a college studentís budget at UF.

As demonstrated on the right, attending college at UF costs approximately $16,000. As a third-year student at UF, I realize this is a lot of money, and these costs add up quickly. For many, this can put a strain on how money is spent. Entertainment is a necessary component of the college experience, though. Use this Web site as a map for entertainment on campus to show you how to be entertained conveniantly and economically.