A look at match grip Tradition Grip

There are several grips that can be used when playing the drum set. The most common, and the two that will be refered to commonly on this site will be traditional grip and match grip.

First, you will want to conquer the match grip. In order to achieve this, you will start with your most comfortable hand. Grasp the stick with your thumb and pointer finger about ĺ of the way down creating the fulcrum. You will then gently wrap the rest of your fingers underneath.

Be sure there is no tension in your wrist, arm or shoulders! All of the work will come from the fulcrum where you pivot. All other fingers will be relaxed. Now, do the same thing for your opposite hand. Perfect! You now have match grip! Be sure to keep your hands flat as you play, do not let them turn up with your thumb facing towards the ceiling. That is always a no-no! We are not playing the timpani!

Now that you have the match grip under control, itís time to understand traditional. Allow your left hand to fall limp, on your side. Place your stick in the ďvĒ created by your thumb and index finger. Let your hand stay relaxed. Then, allow the stick to fall gently on your ring finger near the bottom of your nail (this will be perfect for creating hang nails, youíll know youíre practicing when it hurts!). Your pinky will fall naturally directly curled underneath your ring finger, mimicking it perfectly. Next, move your pointer finger on top of the stick and under your thumb, allowing the pad of your thumb to be on the first knuckle of your pointer. Your middle finger will rest on top of the stick. It will feel strange. All of the power for your left hand will be pumped from your wrist this time. Your right hand will not change and will be the same as match grip.

I'll bet you're ready to play now! Well, get going!

Some tips to keep in mind:

1)Build your weaker hand! When getting started, I suggest using your weaker hand for every day chores. Brush your teeth, open doors, drink and eat with that hand.

2)Do not over-compensate! Stick height will come to be very important. If your stronger hand is playing at 3 inches (from head of the drum) your weaker hand should be as well.

3)When you first sit down at a set, adjust everything to make you most comfortable from the stool to the high-hat.

4)Be sure that your sticks are not too heavy. Drum sets take a lighter stick as opposed to marching drums. You donít want to bust your head the first day!

5)Relax, relax, relax!