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Welcome and Namaste. It's likely you have seen yoga in magazines, on television and in Madonna music videos. Perhaps you were intrigued and jumped right into the closest yoga studio. Or maybe the leotard-wearing hippies made you feel a little nervous about the whole body-contortion thing. Yoga goes beyond the mat. It goes beyond the pretzel poses and headstands. It is a philosophy that spans thousands of years and practitioners of all ages, shapes and sizes. So come on in and find a practice more restful than sleep, more energy-inducing than Red Bull, and rewarding on a deeper level than a day at the spa.

Why this site?

I have to admit, my many years of yoga have not made me more patient. That's why I put together this site. It is my wish that you learn about this practice with just a few mouse clicks. A one-minute slideshow will teach you an essential yoga sequence on the Poses page. Just a few paragraphs will let you know all about different yogic philosophy. It's much easier than opening a few ancient texts, and cheaper than buying a few DVD's. Enjoy your stay!