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Tips of the Trade

So you want to be a yogi. Maybe you see yourself mastering the upside-down pretzel pose. Or perhaps you are want to meditate and reach nirvana before next Christmas. Sure, these are all wonderful aspirations, but where to start? Here are some things that might help. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a philosophy that preaches simplicity. Instead, set your goal and choose materials to supplement your yoga practice.

Asana Basics

Philosophy, Texts and Lectures

Classes and Studios

Finding the right studio is like finding a bike that fits you. Look around, try classes and don't settle for anything less than peaceful. Most studios give a free trial class on your first day. Another option is finding a private yoga teacher, but this is not always cost effective. These are a few sites that can help you on your quest: Yoga Finder, Yoga Studios USA.


Some things to be aware of on your personal path: