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Poses and Practices


One of the main reasons that ancient yogis created a systematic series of poses is to be able to sit longer in meditation. When joints and muscles are well maintained, sitting for long hours is much easier. A body with less worries translates into a similar situation in the mind.

Balancing Poses

Think of balancing poses as a metaphor for your life. When you are happy and your mind is clear poses such as triangle and tree pose (pictured below) are much easier. Balancing poses are a great way to quiet all of your thoughts and focus on one point. The general rule is to focus on a point three or four feet in front of you. As always, remember to breathe!

Stretching Poses

Flexibility can sometimes be like a recessive blue eyes gene -- rare but beautiful. However, it is also a skill that seems to increase in correlation to time spent in the post. Try to hold forward bends and spinal twists for a longer length of time and you will notice an immediate difference. Remember to practice poses for major joints like your hips and shoulders.

Sun Salutation

The sun salutation sequence is how many teachers choose to begin their classes. It is a fluid sequence of poses that increases heat, loosens joints and helps connect the body with breath. Here is a helpful slide show about the sequence featuring yoga instructor Caity Hickey: