A Basket-making Introduction

Me starting on my basket's sidesOne of the great underappreciated crafts today is the art of basket-making. Baskets are useful, pretty things and have been around for thousands of years. As there are many different types of baskets, so there are many ways to make them. Baskets, and the reasons for making them, can vary across time and culture. However, they are evidence of the ingenuity and creativity of people everywhere.

Even in an era where people widely buy items rather than making them themselves, basket-making is not only surviving but thriving. There are people (like me, for instance) who make baskets because the process is fun and they can use the baskets in their home and everyday life. Then there are others who turn basket-making into a business.

Anyone can make baskets. It is simple enough to learn, and basket-making gets fun once you master the basics. This site will teach you how to make your own baskets and where to go to learn more.