Research: Songs

Most modern rock bands write their own songs and play very few songs from other artists, but once upon a time this was not the case. Early rock musicians often recorded their favorite songs by other artists, showing their inspiration but also allowing the audience to hear how they like to play the song. This was especially true in the golden days of Elvis, but it was also true for bands like The Beatles in their early years.

I recommend writing your own songs and finding what makes you original. A good way to do this is for someone in your band to come up with an idea for a song, maybe lyrics or a guitar part. Then the other members take time to play what they feel sounds good with that part. When each member has some idea of what they want to try, you should all try playing together. You will all hear the song in a new way. Then try to work together and decide what needs to happen in the song. It’s easier said than done, and the more practice your band gets together, the better you will get at it.

But hey, not all musicians are up to the challenge of creating their own songs. Some bands are just cover bands. Play the songs that you and your bandmates like and agree on. This is a good way to get a band started on common ground. Even through this process, you will probably eventually find your own sound and want make your own songs as your grow as a band.


Created by Wade Powell