Instruments -- There are so many different options for instrumentation. I want to keep things simple for the sake of my band in this tutorial. I’m going to go with a pretty normal set-up, having one guitar, one bass guitar, and one drum set. Great acts like Rush, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Nirvana all worked under this set-up. I’m also going to have to go against my word: we won’t have a singer. This is because I want to stick to the general rule of playing with friends and people you like, and I don’t know any singers. We are going to be doing it like the pre-rock jazz bands did it in the 20’s and how some great modern rock bands are still doing it today: all instrumental.

Members – Fortunately for me, many of my friends are musicians. (Although as I already mentioned, none can sing.) I have a pretty nice list to choose from. The players with the most experience have priority. First of all, I’m choosing myself to play guitar. I’m starting the band, and I want to be in it. I have a few friends who play drums, but one stands out with both skill and experience.  His name is Earl Bowers, and I’ve asked him to be my drummer. I know many bass players. They are almost as common as guitar players. I’ve asked my friend Kevin Wheeler, who I know to be very musically talented. They both agreed, so now we have our band members.

Songs – Most rock bands write their own songs, and I believe we are good enough to do it. Establish a few chords and a general rhythm with your bandmates, then try playing it and making variations in the music as you go. It will become your song! Since we will be playing together for the first time, we will also play songs that we already like and know. Figure out what type of music and bands you all like and decide what songs you should play together!

Band name – An early and still-lasting trend in rock music is to name your band The “Somethings,” in which Somethings can be changed to anything plural. Bands can also often named after a lead member in the band. These days, band names can be just about anything: KoRn, Blink-182, and Vampire Weekend have all made it big in the past decade or so. What’s next? Well, as The Beatles' name was a tribute to an artist they liked (Buddy Holly and the Crickets), I've decided that my band's name will be Hammer and Wrench, in homage a band that we all like: Tool.


Created by Wade Powell