A band

If you were going to start a band, how would you do it? What kind of music would you play? Would you write your own songs? Who would be in your band? Starting a band may seem a little complicated, but this Web site’s guidelines should make things a little easier for everybody.

I have been playing music in various forms for  14 years, which is too long for me to remember my first piano lesson. But since then, I’ve also learned guitar, drums, and various musical “rules” based in music theory. I’ve been an active member in two bands and helped produce and record two albums, one of which I recorded entirely by myself. I want to my experience combine it with the methods of historically successful bands to show anyone what it takes to start a band.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not going to teach you how to play music. I'm going to teach you how to start a band. If you don't play an instrument, maybe you can be a successful manager.

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Created by Wade Powell