Choosing the Tattoo

Tattooed girl

When choosing a tattoo, the most important thing to consider is permanence. Imagine your skin as a canvas that, once painted, will never change. That said, you should choose something that is meaningful to you or has certain significance.

One common tattoo aspect is flash art. Flash art is a design drawn out, and is typically seen lining the walls of tattoo parlors. This type of art is usually looked upon negatively, because of the impersonal nature of the drawings. Choosing a piece of flash art is like picking out a pair of shoes. It can be right for some people, but it is probably best to get a personal design made for you.

The next consideration should be where on the body to get the tattoo. This is completely up to the individual. An artist will be able to tell you if your design will coincide with the location you’ve chosen, and can help draw a design that will flow with your natural curves.

Typically, a tattoo will hurt less on the “meatier” parts of the body, and worse near bones, joints and major tendons.

That said, pain does play a major role in getting a tattoo. Remember that the process feels just like it sounds: that a needle is hitting your skins hundreds (or thousands) of times, jamming ink under the surface. Your body’s natural pain killers will kick in after a few minutes, but until then you will feel the pain. According to Tattoo, a book by Dale Rio and Eva Bianchini, the pain is often described as: