Lengthen Those Lashes

Mascara has the ability to lenghthen and add volume to your lashes. Some of use aren't as fortunate to be blessed with gorgeous but thanks to Eugene Rimmel mascara was created. It has evolved to something that I myself have become obsessed with.

Mascara Bases

A mascara base is also known as a primer. It coats the lash with white or black fibers . By adding them it helps to add lenght to the overall eyelash. Its put on the lashes prior to the mascara. Sure, its an extra step but it makes it look as if I have false lashes on. And that's a step I forgo.

Mascara Options

Mascara can vary from low end to high end brands. The most expensive I've used cost about $9.00. But there are those that can range it to costs as astronomical as $25.00. I've been quite satisfied with the drugstore brands enough not to venture in the high-end brands. But all in all they complet the same objective of lengthening the lashes, adding volume, and at times some color for the more dramatic users.


Mascara was my first make-up purchase and I've gone to explore other make-up elements of make-up. It's application is simple. Just take the brushes, after being dipped in the tube and literally comb through your lashes in an upward position. It's as simple as that.

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Last Updated: 12.04.08