Make-up didn’t come out of nowhere. It has a history and all began somewhere. It dates far back as 10,000 B.C. But modern make-up dates as far as early as the ‘50’s. I won’t bore you details but give you a little knowledge to different facets of eye-make-up that help evolve what eye make-up has become today.

Some of the first instances of eye shadow started on the Western Hemisphere. Egypt, Rome and Greece popularized the use of it, but the first archeological site to use cosmetics was the Egyptians. When they used it there purpose served in during burials. As for eyeliner, its history dates back to the Egyptians being the first to make use of this cosmetic. Typically they’d use it to make dark black lines around the eyes. The modern variation of eyeliner dates back to the 1960’s with the creation of liquid eyeliner.

Mascara doesn’t have the same history as eye shadow and eyeliner but it with so many mascaras out on the market one would think differently. Its origin only goes as far back as the 19th Century by a man named Eugene Rimmel. He still plays a role in modern cosmetics with the Rimmel London make-up line.

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Last Updated: 12.04.08