Tools of the Trade

There’s an endless list of brushes that one can use to color the lead, to blend out the crease, and highlight the brow. But that’s for another time.

Lining Your Eyes

I used an angle brush to line my eyes with a gel eyeliner. Some prefer to use a pencil so for those that prefer that can have one less brush in their collection. But by having an angled brush there’s more of an opportunity to control how thin or thick a line may be. Also your able to control the overall way you line your eyes. There are times that I want to have an Arabic eye or cat eye.


Applying eyeshadow uses the most brushes. What’s good to have is a small shader brush. It’s used on the eyelid to concentrate on the inner lid and the tear duct area. It's also good to have a medium shader brush. This is good for general lid use to shade the eye with color. As you move up on the eye lid. It’s good to have a crease brush. This allows for better placement of color above the main lid color. This adds depth and contour to the eye. And a brush to add the highlight color is essential. I've yet to see a brush that's particulary called a highlight brush but any brush that can be use to sweep color on to the browbone are is fine. With all of these colors its essential that they look cohesive and to do that you need a blending brush. By using a blending brush it helps remove the line of demarcation between each of the colors and help all the colors blend.


There aren’t particular brushes that you need but for those who are particular as to removing clumps of mascara from your lashes than a fan brush is suggested. After applying your mascara it is used to separate the lashes and remove any excess mascara. Also it’s good to have an eyelash curler. They can help your mascara to work better and really lifts your eyes if you look tired.

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Last Updated: 12.04.08