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How to play guitar like a Rockstar

Strumming, picking and all that jazz

OK, if you listen to the recording of the song you'll notice that it doesn't begin with strumming, but with individual strings being picked. The good news is you're going to use the same chords you know to get this part, but instead of strumming you're going to pick individual strings. Below is the introduction of the song done in tabs. Read it left to right. A 3 on string E means just play that one string while holding string E on fret 3. When the numbers are all stacked, that means strum. Follow the link to get the whole song in tab format. Print it and roll over to the next page. Good Riddance (Time of your Life) Tab courtesy of and the user meg42. Photo Credit: stitch







Quick Summary

The one thing you really need off of this page is the link to tab I'll be referencing on the next page. If you can't read tabs, I can't summarize it for you, read the blue paragraph. Here's the link. Good Riddance (Time of your Life) Tab courtesy of and the user meg42.
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