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How to play guitar like a Rockstar

Getting Started - Tuning

Alright, first things first, I'm glad you've decided to pick up the guitar and venture down the road to rockstardom. This isn't Guitar Hero stuff either, so hold your horses, Freebird, we're starting small. Guitars have six strings, the top one is string 6 and the next one down is 5 and so on. The smallest string, and the one furthest from your face, is the 1st string. That string should be tuned to e. String 1 is e, string 2 is B, string 3 is G, string 4 is D, string 5 is A and the last string is E again. I guess I should mention that you use the pegs on the headstock to tune the strings. Using a guitar tuner will help you get it all right, or if you're a musical genius you can use the tones over on the right. Now, we're going to start by playing the song "Good Riddance" by Green Day because most everyone knows it and you can immediately start impressing people at parties. More importantly, it uses some pretty basic chords and patterns which will be a great spring board to your musical career. The first chord we're going to do is G and it's on the next page, so get all tuned up and we'll get right into it.

Quick Summary

For those of you that hate reading paragraphs, or have been here before and need refreshing, check out this little box on every page for the low down.

1 |--e---






String 1 is the bottom string and string 6 is the top string. I know this seems backwards, but if you think of string 1 as being the highest sounding note it might be a little less confusing.
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