How to play guitar like a Rockstar
acoustic guitar


Oh the acoustic guitar, definitely my favorite of all the guitar varieties, but to each his own. Acoustic guitars can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and be made from all different kinds of wood. The most common materials are spruce, ceder, mahogany and rosewood, though there are many more. Acoustic guitars can also be strung with steel strings wound in bronze, or with nylon strings. All of these factors produce different sounds, so I'd listen to guitar before I recommended any one brand. Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk
electric guitar


Electric guitars rely on pick-ups near the bridge to produce their sound. Further more, the sound of an electric guitar can be altered by its amplifier and by different types of distortion pedals. Electric guitars, with various distortions, are used in all kinds of music from blues to punk rock. If you're Thom Yorke of Radiohead (who narrowly missed my short list of famous guitarists) you can make your electric guitar sound like things I've never heard on this planet. It's very versatile, use it to rock out, spill your guts or call the mothership. Photo Credit: Rick Harris
bass guitar


Most people aren't cool enough to play the bass guitar. Seriously. A good bassist can bring serious funk and style to a band, while a mediocre bassist can just fade into the rhythm section like bland wallpaper. I like to think of bass guitar as the bridge between the drums and the regular guitar. It has a much lower sound than a traditional guitar. It basically picks up where the low E on a guitar leaves off. The strings are thicker and the instrument is larger, this is not for pansies. Only people who look good in shades need apply. Photo Credit: Ibontxo


Mandolins are very similar to the guitar, a cousin if you will. They're much smaller though, so don't let this photo fool you. They're typically only a few feet long. The sound produced is obviously much higher than a guitar. Their bodies are oval or tear shaped and depending on the design they can have one or more sound holes. Mandolins, or some variation of, can be traced back to middle ages, it's a very old instrument. Paul McCartney and Billie Joe Armstrong have been known to play the mandolin, despite its ancient beginnings it is not absent from current popular music. Photo Credit: Mark Coggins

Different Types of Guitars