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How to play guitar like a Rockstar

Putting it all together

The method to the madness! You've learned all the chords in the order that you're going to be using them! Listen along with the video here for the order of the song, though your tab sheet has that covered too. All you've got to do is get your rhythm down and you'll be a rockstar in no time at all. I hope this was a helpful explanation of chords, tabs and guitar stuff in general. I'm sorry the video quality is awful and there's that horrible buzzing sound, I'm learning. You Rock!

Quick Summary

This is the end. Just watch the video use the chords to play the song. It's going to seem really fast, it's cool, just work up to that speed. Use the navigation on the top to review what you've forgotten. Definitely check out the supplemental links from the home page to get well rounded education. Email me with any questions. Have fun!
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