What's Your Biking Flavor?

Road Bikes

A Road Bike

Road bikes have a light and small frame (unless made of steel). They have skinny, often high-pressure tires with little tread and dropped handlebars. They are faster than other types of bikes and more convenient for those commuting decent distances by bike.

Who should ride a road bike? The road bike is practical enough around town for those who are commuting longer distances (five miles or so in a day). It is also a good option for those who wish to ride recreationally because it is a light and agile ride on long trails. If you plan to ride less than a mile a day, a road bike probably is not your best bet unless you just like the feel of it.

Mountain Bikes

A Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes generally have a heavy, sturdy frame and are much more durable than road bikes. The tires are generally tough and knobby, and the riding position is upright.

Who should ride a mountain bike? The mountain bike is practical enough to ride around town, and it can even be used for long-distance riding. They are good on both unpaved trails and city roads as they are resistant against roots, dirt, potholes, debris, etc.

Hybrid Bikes

A Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are a mix between road bikes and mountain bikes. They have the sturdy frame of a mountain bike paired with the slim tires of a road bike with a little more tread. Hybrids are great for commuting around town, but they are not as flashy as other models.

Who should ride a hybrid? The hybrid bike is a good bike for those who are merely looking for a way to get around. It is not for the avid biker or the beginning biker interested in taking up cycling as a hobby. They are a practical choice but less fun than the other two models.

Standard Bikes

A Standard Bike

Standard bikes are single-speed coasters where the rider must pedal backward to stop. These are the bikes we had when we were kids and just getting our training wheels off. The frames are generally bulky and heavy, and the tires are thick and rounded without the knobby tread.

Who should ride a standard bike? The standard bike is made for people with similar biking interests as hybrid bike owners. These bikes are not seen as efficient forms of transportation, but in a relatively flat town like Gainesville they are doable to get to and from class. Also, some habitual cyclists keep standard bikes on the side for relaxing and leisure riding.

Now that you have chosen the type of bike you want, click here for a list of local bike shops in Gainesville that can help you out.