Tips For Keeping Your Tires, Frame And Brakes In Good Shape


SimpleGreen is the best cleaner

After every rain, give your bike a wipe down and check the chain, frame and cables for rust. To remove rust from your bike, use sand paper and elbow grease to buff it off.

Be aware of noises and rattles on your bike when you are riding. Pay attention to things that might feel differently, like a shifted brake or a loose cable. If you address these issues as soon as you become aware of them, your bike will run smoothly for a good long while.


A bike pump is essential

Before every ride, check the inflation of your tires. This will put less strain on your bike, and it will make your ride as smooth as possible. Depending upon what kind of tire you have, there is a specific amount of pressure it requires, and this can vary depending on your personal preferences. Mountain bike tires and hybrid tires are generally inflated to 50 or 60 psi (pounds of pressure per square inch), while road bikes can be inflated up to 120 psi.


Brake cables can be tricky

It is important to tighten your cables occasionally to keep everything working the way it should. Checking your cables every couple of months makes your bike more responsive to braking and shifting, and it can keep it riding like you just bought it yesterday. At the end of your cables is a knob that can be tightened and loosened. To tighten your cables, first loosen the knob, then pull the cable until it is taut against the frame. But be careful! Make sure there is still room for the cable to contract, or your brakes and gears won't work.

This is only half the battle of maintaining a well-working bicycle. The bike chain is a beast of its own. For a step-by-step tutorial and explanation, click here.