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Interview - Fiona Phillips

I recently conducted an in-world interview with Fiona Phillips, an associate lecturer in arts education at Deakin University in Australia. Phillips, who goes by "Yasmar Arida" in Second Life, has used the virtual world to conduct teaching and research in her field. If you'd like to read a transcript of that interview, click here (105KB).


Institutions and Organizations in Second Life - This wiki page provides a list of various colleges, universities and other higher education organizations who have a presence in Second Life.

Community Colleges in Second Life - This wiki page provides a list of community colleges in Second Life as well resources for instructors interested in using the techonolgy.

New Media Consortium - NMC is a non-profit organization that focuses on exploring ways to use new technology to support education. NMC has spearheaded a number of projects investigating the ways Second Life can be used in higher education.

NMC Campus Observer - The NMC Campus has focused its experimental efforts in Second Life "to inform the New Media Consortium’s work in educational gaming." The NMC Campus Observer includes an extensive directory of higher edcators involved with the virtual world.

Digital Worlds Institute - This is an interdisciplinary institute at the University of Florida focused on understanding the most effective uses of interactive technology.

The Media Lab - Part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Media Lab explores Second Life and other new media "to tirelessly invent – and reinvent – how humans experience, and can be aided by, technology."

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