Breaststroke from Andrea Morgan on Vimeo

This video shows a 50-yard breaststroke swim. For isolation of a block start or breaststroke turn, go to the starts page or the turns page.

The Breaststroke

The breaststroke is often compared to the swimming motion of a frog. The body position for this stroke ranges from floating flat at the surface with the limbs extended to lifting the head and shoulders from the water, pulling in the limbs and lowering the hips so that the body is somewhat tilted.


Start with your arms tightly pressed together in a streamline position (so that your shoulders and biceps stretch behind your head. Cup both hands. Turn your palms out and separate them. Pull both arms down and to your sides through the water. Then, once your arms are fully extended at your sides, bring them up under your chest and push forward. Allow your hands to meet as they pass under your neck and chin, and lift your head up out of the water to breathe. As your arms continue forward, lower your head (face-first) back into the water and extend your arms to the starting position to repeat.


Start with your toes pointed and your legs extended behind your body, flat at the water's surface. Bend your knees, and pull your calves upward toward your thighs, and let your feet come together. Once your feet get as close to your torso as you can get them, pull your feet apart from each other, and kick them out and back until they meet again in the original position.