For tourists, the Metrorail sadly does not go to South Beach. Why doesn't it go to South Beach, perhaps out city's most world-renowned tourist destination? Well, according to former Miami Beach Mayor Alex Daoud, the County Commissioners at the time were focused on getting the Metrorail to go through their districts, and because the beach did not have a large enough voting constituency, the Commission could not justify the large expense og buildgin tracks accross Bicayne Bay.

Even if you do want to see the City of Miami and not just South Beach, only about half the system is going to be useful for you. If you are a tourist staying downtown, you cannot take the Metrorail, or even a decent bus really, from the airport. But if you want to explore Coral Gables, the University of Miami, or Dadeland Mall you can take the Metrorail from downtown.

If you are staying in South Beach, take the S, C. M or K bus to the mainland, get off at Omni Station, and take the Metromover to Government Center to get on the train. You can buy a 7-day Visitor's Passport for $19 that allows you unlimited access to all of our public transportation options.


How to Pay

If you come from one of those cities with a mass-transit system which utilizes such forward-thinking concepts as "farecards" or "bill accepters," you will be in for a major shock when you get to Miami. Because unless you have a monthly pass, you'd better be packing close to your body weight in change.

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Parking and Riding

Along the Metrorail line, several stations offer both surface and garage parking.

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