The Metromover

The Metromover is an elevated electric bus system that snakes through downtown, bringing workers from Metrorail stations to smaller Metromover stations closer to their offices. It is completely automated and the buses move throughout the city without the aid of a driver. The Mover can get crowded, since the "busses" are about the size of your average Econoline van, but they are still easier - and less sweaty - than walking.

The Metromover goes through most of the Downtown/Brickell area, from the Financial District to the Omni Station north of downtown near the Miami Herald building and Performing Arts Center. It also has stops at Bayside Marketplace, the American Airlines Arena, and the James L. Knight Center, among others. The Metromover is a series of 3, one-way loops with cars coming about every 5-10 minutes. These loops are:

Brickell Loop - Runs from the southern end of Brickell on SE 14th St. up across the Miami River into downtown, and into the main downtown loop, not unlike the one in Chicago.

Downtown Loop - Runs clockwise through the main loop downtown, but does not go north to the Herald or south to Brickell

Omni Loop - Runs from Omni Station in the north down to Government Center, runs counterclockwise through the downtown loop, then goes back up north through Bayside, past the Herald, and back to the Omni Station.

You can get a better idea of how these loops work by looking at this map, or the one on the side of the page.

You can transfer to any of the Metromover trains while inside the small downtown loop. The Metromover is great if you take the train into downtown and don't want to have to walk through oppressive humidity or pouring rain, which are typically your 2 weather choices when walking through Downtown Miami. And the best part about the Metromover: It's absolutely FREE! At one time it cost 25 cents, but currently one can ride this system without having to deposit money in any of the inoperative turnstiles throughout downtown.



#1. What is the Metrorail?

It's ok. Most Miamians ask this question too. The Miami Metrorail is a 27.4 mile commuter transit train that begins at Dadeland South station in Kendall, near Dadeland mall, and continues north through Coral Gables, Downtown, and on to the Palmetto Expressway.

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Riders' Guide

Links to tips from all the different areas of town one may be where the Metrorail is useful.

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