Downtown & Brickell

Living or working in either Downtown Miami or Brickell, Miami's financial district, will afford you the most opportunities to utilize the Miami Metrorail. The Metrorail features four stops in this area, with easy connections to the Metromover to get you wherever you need to go.


in Downtown or Brickell, you may be one of the few Miamians who does not need a car. Along with the bevvy of walkable bars, restaurants and grocery stores in this area, you have the Brickell and Government Center Metrorail stations, which can take you many places you need to go. Should you need to go shoppping at a major mall, the Metrorail will take you straight to sops at Dadeland Mall. If you're not from Miami, this is where you can visit Target, Best Buy, or any number of national retailers. You can even take the Metrorail to Publix if you're feeling particularly lazy, as there is one just across the street from the Brickell station and Dadeland South.

Similarly, you can take the Metromover - a series of small electric buses that circulate overhead on tracks - to get all over the Downtown and Brickell areas. You can view a map of that system here

, or you can visit the Metromover Guide for more a more detialed explaination.


in Downtown or Brickell, the Metrorail is an excellent alternative to sitting in Miami's world famous commuter traffic.

The stops in downtown Miami are also fantastically convenient. The main stop is Government Center which is, as the name would imply, a large building with government offices in it. But the stop, which also houses a Mertomover and Bus terminal, actually feels like one of those big, giant mass transit stations in a real, live downtown complete with newsstands, coffee shops, and people pushing you out of the way so they can make their train. It is also just blocks from the Miami-Dade County courthouse and several of Miami's largest office buildings. You can also easily transfer to the Metromover and several busses at Government Station.

Brickell, the second largest financial district in the United States, also boasts its own Metrorail stop with an easy connection to the Metromover. The Brickell stop is a short walk from most of the major buildings in the Brickell area, so you may not even need to take the Metrmover unless you are going to Bayside Park or north into the eastern part of downtown.

The Civic Center stop also features easy access to Jackson Memorial Hospital, the VA Hospital, Dade County Jail and the ajoining courthouse,

The Historic Overtown stop, formerly known as the Overtown/Arena stop (the Miami Arena was demolished in mid-2008) doesn't offer much except the potential for getting mugged. But if you would like to see where the Miami Heat used to play basketball, I suppose it might be worth your time.


UM Students

While many sutudents at the University of Miami have cars, parking on campus can be harder than a good amount of the coursework, Similarly, because of limited on-campus housing, many students opt to live off campus. This is why the Metrorail is a great thing for UM students...

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South Dade Commuters

Fret not, South Dade commuters! You too can give the proverbial finger to US-1 as you cruise along the Metrorail's elevated tracks on your way to your Downtown office.

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