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When you're doing your grocery shopping, walk the perimeter of the store first. That's where the fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy are kept. These things are the basis for a solid nutritional diet. Itís the interior aisles with their prepackaged refined sugar that are the danger zones.

And remember, never shop on an empty stomach. Thatís just a recipe for disaster.

Keep It Stocked: What's Good to Have Around?

Whether you want to cook a whole meal, or you just want a quick snack, there are a few food items that are both healthy and versatile. These are just some suggestions, and obviously you should pick things you enjoy eating, but the items in this list should give you some idea of where to start. Remember: eating healthy, flavorful foods that are full of vitamins will make concentrating in school a hundred times easier. And they won't hurt your waistline, either.


Fruit and Veg