Don't Be Afraid.

Some yummy fruit... or is it a face?

Jump right in! Don't be afraid of trial-and-error. So you made one not-so-great dinner. So what? That's how you learn. Once you've tried a few new things you'll start learning what you enjoy eating and what you enjoy making.

Pretty simple, right?

Here are the Basics.

Clueless about where to start? Cooking is actually a pretty easy skill. Don't let the Iron Chef scare you: you don't have to prepare beef cheek with chocolate pearls. A turkey sandwich is just as impressive when you're living on a college student's budget. You don't have to have a ton of money or ridiculous resources to make good-tasting, healthy food.

And while we at NOSH fully believe you should support businesses for the good of the economy and all that, ordering pizza every night of the week is not going to boost our national finances. It's only going to boost the numbers on the scale.

Check out the links on the left for a few ways to get started. Once you take the leap into cooking for yourself you're one step closer to independence. Well, we think. Food independence anyway.