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This is Amy.

Amy, the creator of NOSH.

Amy made this Web site. She's pretty proud of it.

She hopes you like it, too.

What a dork.

The Story of NOSH

NOSH was created in the fall of 2008 by University of Florida sophomore Amy Marty. It was an assignment for her Communication on the Internet class.

Amy is a journalism major on the online media track. She wants to work as a web designer, blogger, or magazine journalist. She enjoys scrabble, comedy, pandas, and other things.

Amy decided to do a site on healthy eating because of her own experiences with diet and exercise. Between 2006 and 2008, Amy lost 80 lbs through healthy eating and exercise. She feels nutrition is very important for everyone to learn, especially because of the terrible status of national health in the United States.

Hopefully this site will benefit someone else, but if not, at least it was fun to make.

Special thanks to stock.xchng for all the stock images on this site.