Cupcakes 4 President....

Cupcakes can serve many purposes, they can even be used to spread a political message. In the 2008 Presidential election bakers used creative ways to show support for their candidate. Zilly Rosen of Zillycakes created a portrait of Obama with 1,240 cupcakes. According to Rosen the project took around 20 hours to complete. To read more about this story follow this link.

Mrs. Beasley's offered cupcakes that pleased both parties. The cupcakes were decorated with pictures of the candidate's faces. No matter who you choose to support, you can purchase six cupcakes with your candidates face on them for $25.95.

As for doing all of this isn't impossible, but it may take some patience. You may choose to stick with icing you can write with (one of the easier options), using phrases such as "Vote McCain", "Vote Obama". It would probably be best if you put one word on each cupcake, due to the limited amount of space. If you choose a fairly simply image of your candidate of choice you can create a grid with cupcakes, as Zilly Rosen did. As for the images, these can be created in your own home using an edible printing system. A special printer is required for making these edible images. You can purchase your own for around $1000, typically the set comes with edible ink and the printing sheets. This may seem costly but it could be a worthy investment if you are an avid baker.