The history of the cupcake....

The word 'cupcake' was first used in E. Leslie's 'Receipts' of 1828. During this time bakers were beginning to measure differently than they ever had before, in cups. This was considered revolutionary because it helped save time in the kitchen when baking with hearth ovens. Hearth ovens were the main source of cooking at the time. It was quicker and easier to bake a smaller cake in these ovens.

The early cupcake pans were called 'Gem' pans and became common in household kitchens around the turn of the 20th Century. These types of pans are still used to this day for baking. 'Gem' pans can be purchased at nearly any kitchen or home store.

The cupcake became very popular as treats for kids in the 1990's, mostly because they were so easy to make. The popularity of cupcakes continues to this day for many different reasons. One being the size, they are about one serving size. Cupcakes are also easy to pack and take with you, when packing for lunch or just saving one for later.

It's easier to clean up after making cupcakes than with a cake, thanks to cupcake pan liners.

They are fun and easy to decorate in many different shapes and sizes. Today there are many different types of tins you can purchase to bake them in. They come in shapes such as hearts, stars and footballs, almost any shape for every occasion!

As the popularity of the cupcake increased major companies such as Hostess, created their own version of the cupcake (Ding-dongs and Twinkies).

The cupcake is a yummy treat that is enjoyed by many, its popularity continues to this day, becoming a popular replacement for the typical wedding cake.