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When people think of a university, many probably focus only on the going to class aspect. The four or more years of college has so much more to offer a person. To have a successful freshman year, capitalize on the many resources UF has for you. UF's Career Resource Center helps you start preparing for the future and making a path for yourself as soon as possible. The employees there give you career planning advice and counsel. Students can set up mock interviews to help prepare them for job interviews or take their resumes in to be critiqued.

Another resource all students should take advantage of is the excellent sports teams at UF. Whether you bleed orange and blue or not, go to as many sporting events as possible. This is the best time to be a Gator! To succeed as a freshman, get sports tickets. Click on the link to learn about how. If you are a student who enjoys an active lifestyle and playing sports more than watching them, UF has many resources for you to take advantage of as well. The health and fitness resources are abundant! The Student Health Care Center offers quality health care, usually at a lower price than you might find elsewhere. Flu shots, relatively inexpensive massages and free mental health services are just a few of the options offered. These, along with intramural sports and fitness classes, are resources you should utilize to help keep you healthy!