Health and fitness resources

A college freshman is at an increased risk of getting sick, particularly if he or she lives in a dorm, where germs are so easily spread. Also, starting a completely new life creates a lot of stress, which lowers the immune system. One key to success as a freshmen is staying healthy. Staying healthy enables students to keep their grades up and optimize their social interactions. UF's Student Health Care Center offers many services that students should take advantage of, usually at a much lower price than they would find elsewhere. For example, it seasonally offers influenza shots at a cost of only $5 for students. A stressed out student may benefit from a massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist at the SHCC. To reduce stress even more, massage prices are significantly lower than one might expect. The cost is 15 minutes for $12, 30 minutes for $27 and 50 minutes for $50.00. UF's Student Mental Health Services is committed to helping students through their college career by assisting them in maintaining their psychological and emotional health. It also offers group therapy and various programs, including an eating disorders program and suicide prevention program.

One way to stay healthy is to regularly exercise. Students should take advantage of the different facilities UF has to allow them a great opportunity to exercise. UF has three fitness facilities, nine fields, two pools, six outdoor courts and a gym. One way to utilitize the facilities is to join an intramural sports team. The Intramural Sports Program offers basketball, flag football, sand volleyball, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee and basketball. Playing is free with a Gator One id card. Another work out option is to participate in a fitness class. UF's Fitness Department offers more than 150 group fitness classes each week. Look at the schedule to find one that works for you!