Freshman year

The freshman year of college can be one of the most intimidating life experiences. The idea of starting over can be both exciting and scary. The group you hung out with and the grades you made in high school no longer matter. You have a clean slate to be who you want to be and portray that person to the new people you meet. Balancing different activities is a responsibility that suddenly falls on your shoulders, rather than your caregivers'. Don't go into this with fear. Embrace this time and come in prepared, knowing what you have to do to succeed.

Starting on the right foot by developing good habits and being aware of what is happening on your campus is key to success in college. Obeying laws may be one of the most obvious things that you must do while in college. Away from your parents, with a new-found freedom, you may be tempted to act a little wild. Remember, your stay in college is pretty conditional on you not breaking the law. Breaking the law and failing classes is the easiest way to see your college career go down the drain. Developing effective studying habits early on will help you keep your GPA up!

Using UF resources is a great way to ensure a more well-balanced college experience. College has so much to offer a person, it's so important not to just focus on one aspect. Yes, academics is essential, but so is using this time to gain life experience. Get out there and make as many amazing memories as possible!