All About Bicycles

Why Are They So Popular?

Passing by stopped cars in rush hour traffic, free parking anywhere in a crowded city, wind blowing through your hair—it’s no wonder bicycles have been growing in popularity for decades.

An example of a road bikeRoad Bicycle

Although bicycles serve many functions—from leisure to pleasure to exercise—they all have one very important thing in common: The need to keep your bicycle in tip-top shape. I think everyone should know a little about how to fix basic problems on their bicycle. In this Web site, you'll find instructions and tips on a variety of bicycle-related subjects: repair, maintenance, safety tips, recommended tools, etc. But first, let’s talk about bicycles.

Within the past couple decades, and more recently with the economic downturn, bicylces have been becoming more and more attractive to consumers.

An example of a mountain bikeMountain Bicycle

Jacob Adams, manager of Spin Cycle Outdoor Center, in Gainesville, Fla., said bicycles are making their way into popular culture because of higher gas prices. Also, bicycles are a more cost-efficent means of transportation compared to a car.

Another factor driving the popularity of bicycles are people concerned about the environment, and due to that concern, they are searching for environment-friendly lifestyle changes. Adams believes bicycles are most appealing because they offer independence and exercise at the same time—plus, it's the fun factor.

Very breifly, let's discuss the types of bicycles before moving on to how to fix them. Adams said there are three basic types of bicycles:

An example of a comfort bikeComfort Bicycle

First, there is the road bicycle. With larger wheels, narrow tires and a thinner frame, this bicycle is built for speed and racing. Second, there is the mountain bicycle. Designed for the wilds of the forest, mountain bicycles boast heavier, smaller tires and stronger frames. Finally, there is the comfort bicycle. Meant for the casual rider, this bicycle is obviously built for comfort and places the rider in a more upright, natural sitting position.